Arnold vises is a durable industry, and it is a truly reliable product for milling, grinding, drilling, tool room and production, and many other USES. All Arnold vises are built on accurate tolerances and precise standards to ensure reliability and longevity. Arnold vises combines heavy, rugged design with precision manufacturing and high-quality materials to provide our customers with the best value.

Arnold classic — HV

18000 pounds. Size 4 pressure: 3.5 inches, 5.0 inches, 6.5 inches and 8 inches wide

Hydraulic and mechanical spindle are available

Common and narrow vise base (close installation)

High voltage AC/HV reaches up to 80kn.

– 0.01 mm clamping repeatability accuracy.

– Monoblock design avoids deformation due to high pressure and has strong stiffness and robustness.

The force exerted by the high pressure spindle is delivered to the workpiece at the center of the clamp.

– large openings to 375 mm and 845 mm, if the body is divided into two parts.

– clamping force 25/40/50/80kn depends on the model.

The – Arnold classic spindles can be independent of vise as a power clamp element in the workpiece fixture.

– equipped with high pressure hydraulic enhancer, no external power supply is required.

— the power regulator is optional.

– two parts direct vise selection.



The clamp on the machine stand can be realized through the groove of the hole and vice.

It can provide a rotating base.


Its narrowness makes it easy to parallel with another vise, allowing large clamping devices for large workpieces.

Continuous two parts

Applicable to large workpieces.

It clamps the workpiece on top or top of the guide rail.

A pull rod connects to two parts of the vise.

Arnold mat

The whole ground perimeter guarantees parallelism and verticality, ensuring side and end mounting

The high pressure drop clamp provides the ultimate safety and accuracy

The built-in jaw is used for strength and stability

Hydraulic and mechanical versions up to 11,000 pounds. 3.5 “5.0”, 6.5 “and 8” jaw width pressure

end mill for stainless steel
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