The automatic horizontal stretch wrapper


I am sure you have been approached at least 5 – 6 times already this week however what makes our company different is we have proven results in the majority of industries, including yours.
We specialize in helping local businesses to get more profile orbital wrapper enquiries from their website.
All I want is the opportunity to call you and discuss website analysis in greater detail.
I do not understand this part. #2 is the ramp where for making the rod one by manaully.
What do you mean with make the rod one?
Does it mean that a person should be on the ramp all time to adjust the rods by hand?
I would like to put 5000 threaded rods on the storage table, then feed threaded rods automatically to the ramp and alsofeed the rods automatically to the counting and buffering zone. I would rather avoid having people adjusting the rods. Do you have an automatic orbital stretch wrapper option for that requirement?
Do you have any other system to do the rod storage, rod feeding and the rod counting and buffering?

How many strapping stations do I need to increase the speed to 3.5 bundles per minute?

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