Automatic horizontal winding wrapping machine


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Fhope full-automatic horizontal winding packaging machine e1800, specially used for horizontal shape, such as bed sheet, door, floor, packaging with good protection and sealing, packaging neat. The machine can be connected to the packaging line for automatic packaging.

Inspection method of automatic packaging line machinery

It mainly includes the methods that inspectors use to inspect with senses such as visual, auditory and tactile, through measuring tools and instruments, as well as physical inspection. Here is a detailed introduction:

1. Sensory inspection method does not use any measuring tools and instruments, and requires the inspector to have rich experience and technology. Only through the intuitive feeling and experience of the inspector to identify the technical status of the parts, it can be felt from the name. This method is not high in accuracy, and only suitable for identifying the parts with obvious defects or low accuracy requirements, including the following three types:; Visual inspection is mainly to observe the chamfering, fillet, crack, fracture, fatigue peeling, wear, scratch, erosion, deformation, aging and other defects of the parts, and to observe and inspect the parts with eyes or with the aid of a magnifying glass. Use ears to judge its technical status. According to the different sounds of the tongues or parts when the mechanical equipment is running, the sound is clear when the parts are free of defects. If there are cracks in the parts, the hiss will be heard. If there are shrinkage holes in the parts, the sound will be relatively low. Body perception is used to determine the quality of parts, that is, with touch, the handle on the parts can determine the temperature and surface condition when they are working; relative movement of mating parts can determine the size of mating clearance.

2. Inspection method of measuring tools and instruments, which can meet the requirements of inspection accuracy, is the most widely used. The common measuring tools and instruments such as caliper, steel ruler, vernier caliper, dial gauge, gauge, plug gauge, gauge block, gear gauge are used to check the size and geometry of parts. There are also special instruments and equipment for measuring the stress, strength, hardness, impact, micrometer or dial indicator of parts and the position accuracy of dry parts.

3. The physical inspection method is to judge whether there is any defect in the parts by the changes caused by the physical quantities such as electricity, magnetism, light, sound and heat. The advantage of this method is that it will not cause injury, separation or damage to the parts. Generally, it is a technology to measure the parts in coordination with the detection of instruments and tools.

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