Non standard large horizontal winding wrapping machine


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Fhope horizontal track stretch packaging machine has a variety of designs according to different objectives. You can also use different packaging materials to meet the number of stretch layers you need when loading. You can easily adjust the intensity through the operating system, and have an efficient packaging effect, as well as bring higher benefits to customers.

Although both the horizontal winding machine and the ring winding packaging machine are the equipment for winding and packaging through the rings of the winding machine, they are different from the ring winding packaging machine, which is mainly used for products that need to wind the inner ring. The horizontal winding machine is mainly used for winding and packaging slender objects, such as aluminum profiles, pipes, etc. it is through the stretching mechanism to adjust the swelling force of the packaging materials and wind the packaging materials It is a kind of equipment that can make a solid whole and make a rotary motion around the goods moving horizontally and uniformly through the rotary arm system, and form a spiral regular packaging on the surface of the object. How to operate? The following is the operation method of the horizontal winding machine:

When the machine is stationary, fix the film, press the automatic operation button, the rotary table starts to start and accelerate until the maximum speed, then the film starts to run with the rotary table, and at the same time, the rotary table counts. When the value set at the bottom is reached, the mold base starts to rise; until the photoelectric switch irradiates the non arrival, the film frame stops rising, counts once, and the rotary table continues to run, when the number of turns at the top is set When the membrane rack is lowered to the bottom, the operation is stopped, the up and down times are counted again, and the bottom circle is counted, so the reciprocating cycle is completed until the up and down times reach the set value. The turntable stops at the initial detection point and lands slowly.

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