Horizontal ring body wrapping machine

卧式环体缠绕包装机 -FPCA 300

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Multifunctional cable wrapping machine: In order to meet the market demand for packaging and the rapid conversion of various products, Fengding Machinery now offers a series of multifunctional cable packaging machines that can be successfully connected to the packaging line. All parameters can be completed through the interface, and all settings can be successfully processed in the central database.

How to check the mechanical parts of automatic packaging line

Inspection of the mechanical parts of the automatic packaging line mainly includes checking the geometric accuracy, surface quality, and physical and mechanical properties of the parts. The following are the contents of these important parts:
1The surface quality of a part refers to whether the surface has defects such as abrasion, corrosion, cracks, peeling, burning, and burrs. In short, it is the surface roughness.
2 The physical and mechanical properties of parts are generally measured in terms of hardness, depth of hardened layer, and properties formed during the manufacturing and repair of parts, such as stress state, equilibrium state, elasticity, stiffness, vibration, etc.

3The geometric accuracy of the parts, as the name implies, refers to the accuracy of the size, shape, and position of the parts relative to each other. Parameters, but the inspection part does not refer to the geometric dimensions of the individual parts above, but requires relative mating accuracy.
4 Hidden defects of parts are defects such as internal slag inclusions, pores, porosity, voids, welds, and micro-cracks generated during the use of the parts during the manufacturing process.
5 The material properties of the parts, such as the uniformity of the material of each part, the degree of aging and deterioration of the rubber material, the alloy composition, the carbon content of the carburizing stage, the removal of Zhongshicui, etc.

6 The quality of components such as the quality difference between pistons and connecting rod groups, and the static and dynamic balance of components such as crankshafts, fans, shafts, wheels, etc.

7 The importance of tightness to the interior of the part is self-evident. It is necessary to check for leaks, and also to perform a seal test on the internal combustion engine block and cylinder head.
8 The bonding strength of the mechanically fixed joints, the bonding strength of the bearing alloy and the bearing seat, the bonding strength of the plating layer, the spray coating, the surfacing layer and the base metal, and the bonding strength of the surface material of the part and the base.
9 Correctly judge the degree of wear of the part, and determine whether it can continue to be used by the wear limit.

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