Semi-automatic horizontal wrapping machine


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This packaging machine is designed for the packaging of long objects, such as steel pipes, plastic pipes, aluminum pipes and so on. Packaging is simple and easy to use. Cheap price, suitable for lower budget customers.

FHOPE‘s overview of the development of domestic and foreign packaging machines

At present, advanced industrial countries, due to the recognition that packaging machine technology can play a pivotal role in the fiercely competitive international market, pay more and more attention to the development of packaging machines. The United States is currently a developed country for packaging machinery. In 1979, the total sales of packaging machinery reached 6.5 billion US dollars, of which one-fifth was exported. The production of packaging machinery is of stable quality and reliable work, and is welcomed by domestic and foreign users. Japan is also a country with a lot of packaging machinery. It has bought a lot of US patents, and through innovation and creation in application, it took only ten years to transform from backward to advanced. Many countries have formed a complete packaging industry system, widely used the combined packaging automatic assembly line, and developed in the direction of one machine with multiple functions.

In China, the development of packaging machinery is also relatively rapid. Many packaging machines have been able to design and manufacture their own. Some packaging machines have reached the advanced level in the world. It has increased to 100 to 130 bags per minute; the domestic double-chamber vacuum packaging machine has reached the technical level of similar foreign products in the 1980s. Many advanced technologies such as electronic control, photoelectric control, and program control have been applied to newly designed packaging machines in China.

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